How to avoid problems in debugging?

May 17, 2021
Latest company news about How to avoid problems in debugging?

It has skills to debugging printing press, not just by feeling. If you pay attention to the following points, many common carton printing problems can be avoided.

1.Make sure adjust the plate pressure to zero : Hanging the plate (preferably full-page), and slowly reduce the gap between the anilox rollers, 90% of the inking area is the zero of plate pressure.

Note: The front end of the printing pattern is not neat if the plate pressure is too large. Also, this gap needs to be calibrated monthly.


2.Zero adjustment of printing pressure: Take double wall of flute B as an example, slowly reduce the plate gap, ensure 90% of the full-page printing area is inking. At this point, the electronic control value minus the thickness of the cardboard is the zero of the printing pressure. During normal operation, the printing pressure is about 0.2-0.5 mm lower than the cardboard. The back side of the printing surface will be irregular if the pressure too much.


Note: This gap needs to be calibrated monthly.


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3.The principle of adjustment of printing feeding roller is the same as printing pressure.


4.In principle, the thickness of cardboard should not be reduced by more than 5% during the production, otherwise the carton compression will be seriously affected.


5.During the process of production, when the printing press was accelerating, if the cardboard is overall running dislocation, the pressure of the pull rolls should be increased, and the printing pressure should be increased from the back to the front, otherwise the printing blanks will be occurred.


6.In the production process, the cardboard without downward warping often appears slotting run-off, the main reason is the transition from the last color of cardboard to slotter entrance is not good, so that the cardboard will hit the lower slotting knife. Problem can be solved by adding transition plate.